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We are Ecova

Our mission is to help our clients to succeed in a challenging, complex and ever-changing market. We’re committed to the highest quality service, provided by a team with deep experience and a passion for innovation. We build practical solutions focussed on our clients and we have the backing to deliver them.

Ecova makes businesses and utilities more successful through energy and sustainability management. Ecova blends data and technology, with people and insight, to drive powerful results for their clients. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, and hundreds of thousands of business sites globally.

Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimised solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks and enhance reputations. Ecova is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE, a global actor in the energy transition. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter at @EcovaUK.


What we stand for


We are proud to be part of an organisation that is passionate about service delivery, with a focus on getting it right first time and delivering quality.


We act ethically, respecting and valuing individuals for the diversity they bring. We inspire trust and confidence by matching our behaviours to our words, always being fair, consistent, openminded and honest.


Our clients need an energy expert on their team; as trusted advisors, our staff use their deep expertise in the services they deliver to successfully navigate this ever changing industry.


We will work as a whole to get the best in terms of our expertise, knowledge and ideas to benefit our business and our customers.


The Ecova Journey


In 1995, a small group of commercial, industrial and finance executives at Washington Water & Power saw a tremendous opportunity to help the utility’s customers prepare for the impending deregulation of the electricity markets.


With a grand vision to pioneer the utility expense management industry, WWP Energy Solutions—with 17 employees—was born in early November 1996. To collect and analyse customers’ energy data, WWP Energy Solutions built a world-class, patented solution that converted electronic billing data into actionable intelligence about each property within the customer’s portfolio.


In 1997, WWP Energy Solutions changed its name to Advantage IQ to strengthen its position in the highly competitive energy services market and began to broaden its scope.


The company moved into the energy purchasing & trading-side of the energy equation in 2000 with its Energy Supply Management service, applying market intelligence to help commercial and industrial clients purchase energy nationally.


Advantage IQ began to expand its facilities offerings beyond the energy market, introducing its waste expense management service.


In 2005, the company deepened its telecom consulting expertise with the addition of TelAssess, Inc.


In 2008, Advantage IQ acquired competitor Cadence Network, solidifying its position as the leading supplier of comprehensive cost management solutions for utility, telecom, lease and waste services.


Advantage IQ had acquired Ecos in 2009 to help accelerate Advantage IQ into the burgeoning sustainability market and more closely link it to utilities, helping customers reduce energy use, manage carbon emissions, and make their operations more environmentally and economically sustainable.


In 2010, Advantage IQ acquired Minneapolis-based The Loyalton Group, an energy management firm known for its energy procurement and price risk management solutions, adding to Advantage IQ’s significant platform which made up more than 25,000 MW of commercial and industrial baseload.


Advantage IQ acquired Building Knowledge Networks, taking the next logical step to provide their customers with real-time connectivity to their building management systems, empowering them with the data and analytics they need to make good compliant business decisions that reduce costs while improving operations and reducing overall environmental impact.


In 2011, the Ecova we know today was formed from two companies – Advantage IQ and Ecos, headquartered in Portland.


By late 2011, the Ecova team had grown to more than 900 consultants, analysts & engineers, offering a breadth of products, services and technologies.


Before the end of 2011, Prenova became the first company acquired by Ecova, expanding our client base to more than 600, extending our reach into the education, government and public sectors, and building upon our engineering capabilities in building control and metering to provide our clients with energy efficiency expertise and recommendations at the building level.


In early 2012, Ecova acquired LPB Energy Management, a privately held energy management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. LPB―with 12 years of experience providing utility expense management and energy procurement for clients―grew Ecova’s client base to nearly 700 commercial companies with multiple sites.


In 2014, Ecova was acquired by Cofely USA, a subsidiary of French multinational utility company ENGIE. With ENGIE as our ultimate parent company, Ecova continues to evolve to meet the needs of our growing client base, benefiting from industrial leadership and global presence, while still operating as a standalone and independent business.


In 2015, Ecova confirmed its ambition for future growth by joining forces with the leading UK consultancy, PE and Retroficiency. As International markets were continuing to deregulate and increase in volatility, delivered prices were swinging as much as 40% in a year; controlling all costs is vital.


In 2018, Ecova is a Specialist Energy Services provider of fully managed, technology-optimised services that increase the returns, reduce risks, and enhance the reputations of our customers by saving resources. These services have recently expanded to cover the rapid growth of Energy Storage & Demand Side Response, Controls & Automation and the Smart Building concept. Ecova is headquartered in London, UK with regional offices across the European Region.


Meet the team

Our team has an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience across all areas of the Energy Industry, with a track record of innovation and successful delivery to clients