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Risk Managed Procurement

Risk is a word that often comes with negative connotations – however Ecova can explain how risk is associated with opportunity, with some exposure to risk desirable under the right circumstances. We will explore the objectives of our clients and offer recommendations as to the right approach to take.

Ecova was one of the first consultancies to put a flexible purchasing arrangement in place in the UK, having over a decade of experience in these products. Although these are powerful products giving clients a high degree of flexibility in their wholesale purchases, they are often misunderstood, misaligned with client needs or even mis-sold. Ecova will only recommend flexible products for whom they are the best solution and will spend the time required to ensure our clients understand the risks and benefits of such an approach.

We believe there is little substitute for experience when dealing with wholesale markets. Procurement strategies come under stress when the market reacts to unpredictable events and an understanding of likely outcomes is what sets Ecova apart from our peers. This allows us to identify when market prices are unsustainable in either direction, so we aren’t caught out by a ‘spike’ in prices but can rapidly take advantage of a short-term crash.

Clients benefit from daily and weekly market reports as standard, detailing the key markets and parameters that affect energy prices. We are aware that many clients only require a snapshot of market news, so our daily report is designed to give key messages ‘at-a-glance,’ with the weekly report giving a more in-depth discussion.


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