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Electricity Procurement

Ecova believes that electricity procurement is so much more than simply getting the best wholesale prices. With wholesale costs making up as little as 30% of your bill, Ecova look at our client’s full electricity cost exposure to design bespoke solutions suited to your company.

The price transparency utilised by us is such that we rarely ask any supplier what the current price is for a contract; rather we know beforehand what we are likely to be offered and are well-placed to challenge suppliers when we think that prices are incorrect or overstated. Indeed, many suppliers ask us what the current value of various contracts should be.

With Ecova, an industry leading, award winning trading team with real time market access comes as standard. Additionally, we offer a non-energy forecasting service specific to your company locations, allowing us to fully evaluate supplier offers.

Suppliers can theoretically offer fixing of the non-energy costs, allowing them to be passed through to clients, or a combination of both. Ecova offers comprehensive advice on the associated risks, benefits and cost effectiveness of each option.

Flexible, fixed and ‘fixed with risk management’ solutions can be explored for all sizes of consumption, and Ecova will tell the supplier which structure is best for our client – not the other way around.


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