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Smart Buildings

Could your building become a Smart Building?

What Data is Acquired & Processed?

  • Turnkey installation, commission and sites connected using our proprietry GenieKit system
  • Protocols normalised
  • Breaking down the technological language barriers across multiple platforms.
  • Provides a unification of communication

Seamless linking of systems

  • BMS
  • Energy
  • Access Control
  • Security
  • Wellbeing
  • Space Utilization
  • Life Safety


What are Smart Buildings Services?


  • Identify the user and enhance the behaviour


  • Wellbeing – Increases occupant output


  • Access, CCTV, Secure and safe environment

Building Management

  • Integrated Intelligence – Open Source Architecture


  • Automated and preventative service

What are Smart Engineering Services ?

Smart FM planning

  • Condition based maintenance redefines industry standards.
  • Run hours
  • Environmental sensing
  • Vibration analysis

Smart Diagnostics

  • C3NTINEL platform enables data analytics and performance drift detection algorithms

Smart Alarm Service

  • Alarm prioritising and owner escalations.
  • Platform level and estate condition based alarm strategies

What are Smart Energy Services?

Demand Side Response

  • Energy management (STOR/FFR) solutions for generator & battery control

Smart Active Load Management

  • Controlled stepdown of non-critical plant to reduce end user energy costs

Smart Site Level Optimisation

  • Around the clock monitoring of asset data pre and post energy optimisation allows fast response to deviation

Ecova can assess your building and report back to you on its ability to become Smart.  This study will define the savings and is at no obligation to your organisation.


Lets talk about the best optimisation solution for you.

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