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Demand Side Response

Demand-Side Response (DSR) services accessed via Ecova enable your business to earn additional revenue by helping National Grid to maintain the balance of supply and demand on the electricity network.  The increased uptake of DSR is largely due to changes in the energy market, new technology and the way electricity is generated and balanced in the UK.  As the UK transitions towards a low-carbon economy, these network balancing services are becoming increasingly important.

National Grid has developed a robust flexible system of balancing services that makes optimum use of the energy resources available and enables businesses to participate in the most efficient, effective and economical way. Ecova can provide full access and manage your requirements. 

The Benefits to your business

Significant payments from managing your energy assets

By participating in DSR services,  this enables you to generate revenue for your business simply by managing your energy consumption or generation at times that support National Grid. The income-earning potential is significant and, in the majority of cases,   little/no investment is required to your site.  For example,  if you have any standby generation on your site, it’s a great way to capitalise on these often underused assets especially as you will already have a testing schedule for them anyway – therefore why not revise this schedule and get paid at the same time?

A range of DSR balancing services are available, each with different payment regimes that are related to the required response times and duration of response.

The Benefits to your business

What pays the best?

The level of income you can earn is linked to the speed of response required. Frequency Response services, which require instantaneous action in response to frequency fluctuations on the network, pay the highest rates. Reserve services do not require an immediate response, and so offer lower payments. Reserve services are used to maintain the balance of supply and demand.

As a DSR participant, you can choose when to make your services available to National Grid. An availability fee is paid for these periods, and an additional utilisation payment is made if you are called on to reduce demand or start up standby generators.

The Benefits to your business

Avoid peak charges

When you participate in DSR services, you will be called on to reduce demand or start-up standby generation at times of strain on the network. These are the periods when demand is highest, and therefore unit rates and associated charges are at a peak. By reducing load at these times, or by switching to on-site generation, you will avoid the highest charges throughout the year.

The Benefits to your business

Improve asset maintenance

To take part in DSR services, you will need to maintain your generation assets in good working order. Before you are accepted as a participant, National Grid will carry out tests on your equipment. Thereafter, your back-up generators, which may previously have been rarely used, will be put to much more regular use, meaning they are always ready when needed and are less likely to fail. DSR payments will help to fund essential regular maintenance of your generators, while frequent operation will keep them in better working order – helping to prolong their life.

The Benefits to your business

Reputational & Enhanced CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) benefits

By participating in DSR services, you are playing an important role in helping to maintain UK security of supply while supporting the growth of renewable energy generation. DSR services make National Grid more flexible and responsive, and therefore better able to cope with the increase in renewable energy generation on the network.

DSR participation also incentivises improved energy efficiency, since it requires energy consumption to be carefully managed and reduced at key times. The net result is that your carbon emissions are reduced, supporting your own environmental efforts and helping you to meet regulatory obligations.

The Benefits to your business

Maximise your income from electricity generation assets

Whether you are a dedicated energy generator or a business with generation assets on your sites, you need Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to enable you to earn payments for the energy you export to the grid. The bespoke PPA contracts offered by ECOVA are designed to suit every type of generation plant, business model, operational practice and objective.

Maximise your income

PPAs for new-build generation plants

If you’re a generator setting up a new plant, ECOVA is one of the few energy suppliers with the knowledge and experience required to draw up long-term Power Purchase Agreements, providing the essential payment guarantees and security required by investors and finance providers. Your long-term PPA will provide income assurances for up to 20 years, or as long as required by your investors. It will guarantee payments for all output from your plant. Long-term PPAs can also be drawn up for existing plants that require ongoing payment assurances.



Maximise your income

Versatile contracts to optimise your earnings

If you are a business with generation assets on your sites, whether solar, wind, CHP, anaerobic digestion or any other technology, ECOVA offers a range of short-term PPAs that enable you to optimise the income you earn from these assets.

If you export regular, predictable volumes to the grid, you can benefit from fixed price contracts to give you a regular income each month, or choose flexible contracts to access market-reflective prices. If you only occasionally export a surplus to the grid, you can benefit from our market price-related ‘spill’ contracts that simply pay you whenever you export any excess electricity.


Maximise your income

Contracts compatible with all subsidy schemes

ECOVA has the expertise to provide PPA contracts that are compatible with the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, Feed in tariff (FiT) and other government subsidy schemes for renewable generators. For CfD participants, ECOVA will ensure that the agreed Reference Price with the LCCC, whether IMRP or BMRP is matched in your PPA.

Maximise your income

Earn revenue from renewable energy certificates

If you generate renewable electricity that qualifies for ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates), you can earn additional income by selling these to ECOVA. As an energy supplier, we provide a route to market for these certificates, taking care of all contractual arrangements on your behalf.


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