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Data Management Analytics

Save time, simplify energy management and reduce costs, with advanced software and expert support – tailored to your business priorities

Monitoring and managing energy across large or multiple sites can be an expensive, complex and time-consuming activity. To save time and simplify your work while increasing your impact and creating value for your business, our Data Management Analytics enable you to tap into the expertise of our Technical Energy Intelligence Centre (TEIC) and the capabilities of our advanced energy-management software, C3NTINEL®.

C3NTINEL® puts all the data you need at your fingertips. It gathers and analyses your consumption data from any number of sites or facilities, and delivers it to you in meaningful, easy-to-interpret reports, charts and graphs.

It recommends areas for action, notifies you of any deviations from expected patterns and alerts you to unexpected usage in real time, so you can investigate and mitigate any wastage. In short, it enables you to be in control, more effective and efficient.

Full service support from our Technical Energy Intelligence Centre

To get the most out of C3NTINEL®, our experienced energy managers can help you tailor the alerts, reports and analysis to focus on the particular priorities and demands of your business. We can help you to optimise the performance of the system so it delivers greater value and provides exactly the insights and information you need.

Our team will actively monitor your energy and water consumption patterns, manage your alerts, identify faults and recommend improvements or investments to continuously optimise your energy efficiency and help you reduce costs.

An Advanced Energy Management Tool

This is our own award-winning online energy management platform. The system allows for remote visibility of real time consumption data and access to an array of graphing and reporting tools.

Auto-zoom, drag-and-drop functionality, cost and carbon conversions, period comparison, weekday and weekend disaggregation, and one-touch export capabilities allow dynamic analysis of consumption data across your portfolio.

Tailored levels of user permissions can be set up to ensure that users of the system only have visibility of the site(s) relevant to them.

In addition, the C3NTINEL® platform lends itself perfectly to wider sustainability metrics, such as sub-meter data, production, temperature, waste, footfall, BMS/SCADA/PLC sensor data and more besides.

The portal is also a gateway for facilities staff to record & validate basic manual meter readings if required.


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