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Controls & Automation

Are your building energy systems operating correctly?

Ecova can support all aspects of your project requirements by providing our inhouse control specialists.

Our engineers have the expertise to design new Building control systems or evaluate and reconfigure existing systems, for optimum performance.

We have the knowledge and experience of control products from all leading manufacturers and can interface different protocols to maximise information sharing and energy-management capabilities. We provide full maintenance and preventative solutions to our clients.

Our expertise:

  • Designing, building, financing, operating, maintaining and improving building control systems.
  • Validating current control configurations.
  • Re-configuring existing control systems to reflect changes in the building (e.g. layout and occupancy).
  • Sub-zoning existing control systems to enable local fine-tuning of control parameters and to facilitate utility sub-metering.
  • Interfacing with popular control protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks, Trend, Cylon, Siemens, and TAC.

Our Client sectors are:

  • Retail, Leisure & Heritage Buildings
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Commercial Buildings & Property Portfolios
  • Government, Educational Buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

We can offer a no obligation building assessment exercise to establish what opportunities you have to improve your current building performance.


Lets talk about the best optimisation solution for you.

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