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Risk Management & Trading

Your energy portfolio would become the focus of three specialist award winning traders, with over 25 years combined experience in the electricity and gas markets, able to provide industry leading advice on all types of fixed, flexible and bespoke trading decisions.

Ecova uses industry leading analytical tools to assist with price exposure management. Not only that, we understand how to use analysis appropriately and correctly, with some of our team members instrumental in the initial formation of recognised market indices and indicators in the late 1990’s.

The cornerstone of Ecova’s risk management approach is the formation of a Risk Management Strategy document, compiled after close discussion with you. Our risk management strategies are uniquely fluid within strict parameters, striking an ideal balance between price flexibility and budget certainty.

We also insist that our suppliers provide a sleeving option, where we can check the incumbent supplier offer against the best prices available from other market participants. The incumbent can then transact with the participant offering the best price and pass this through to you, ensuring you receive the best price possible.

Ecova is also proud of its ability to translate financial market innovations into the energy market sphere, reflecting the changing market environment this year and the next.

Whatever your circumstances, our trading team are available to discuss your requirements whenever the markets are open.


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