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Metering & Connections

If you need to connect a new or redeveloped site to the water, telecoms, electricity or gas distribution network, Ecova can provide the project support and management to ensure the infrastructure is in place to meet your energy needs on time.

Setting up a new supply is a complicated process, involving liaison between multiple parties. Ecova can manage the process on your behalf by project managing the connection, from the network provider applications through to the metering install, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.  If your project involves contestable works, such as cabling, substation and groundworks, which can be completed by Lloyds registered independent providers, we use our expertise to source and manage the best sub-contractors, often achieving considerable cost and time savings.




Benefits to your business

  • Save time and money – our specialists work quickly and efficiently while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Hassle-free process – we handle all applications and multi-party liaison to simplify complex projects, so you’re free to focus on your core business.
  • Single supplier – we take care of everything from design to installation and maintenance, so you have a single expert contact to deal with.
  • On-time delivery – our expertise and resources ensure that your metering works are completed right on schedule.
  • Improved efficiency – well-designed smart metering systems enable you to improve your energy efficiency.
  • Accurate, reliable, cost-saving metering systems
  • Hassle-free service for projects of any size.

Re-energisation or Disconnection

Adapting meters to changing requirements.

If redundant meters on your site need to be re-energised or disconnected, or if meters need to be upgraded or downgraded to meet your changing requirements, Ecova can take care of everything for you.

We complete relevant applications with energy suppliers and set up appropriate meter operator agreements, as well as arranging for meters to be disconnected and removed, where required.  Our specialists make all of these complex, multi-party processes simple and hassle free for you.


Metering Services

Metering services from design and installation to maintenance and data collection.

Reliable, well-designed metering systems are essential for the effective management and measurement of any energy or utility consumption.  The metering team at ECOVA has the skills, experience and resources to provide a complete metering solution, including the design, installation, maintenance for all types of meters for any type of business.  Whether you need a metered connection to a new site, an upgrade or reconfiguration of your existing metering to optimise data collection, or the installation of advanced automated meter reading equipment, we can help. ECOVA offers a fully managed and coordinated service – for all types of gas, electricity and water metering.  From initial consultation and planning through to installation, maintenance and ongoing data monitoring, ECOVA offers an end-to-end, fully managed service to save you time and money.

Metering Services

Services and support for every utility meter

Our metering services team can install, manage and maintain every type of utility meter for electricity, gas or water supplies, including:

  • Fiscal meters
  • Smart meters
  • AMR meters
  • Heat meters
  • Oil meters
  • Flow meters
  • Gas and water data loggers
  • COMC (P272)
  • Sub-metering
Metering Services

Automated Meter Reading - Advanced data collection.

Accurate energy consumption data is the essential starting point for all energy management activities.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters provide precisely that information by automatically submitting meter readings to your energy supplier every half an hour.  ECOVA can install AMR meters across your business and link them to our central systems, so the data can be used to create accurate energy bills – with no estimated readings.  We can also make this data available to you online via our Data Management Analytics platform – C3NTINEL®, giving you immediate, secure access to your latest half-hourly consumption information.  This enables you to monitor usage and expenditure very closely and react quickly to address any issues or optimise your consumption patterns.

Metering Services

Automated Meter Reading - Sub-metering

Helping you to measure consumption in discrete areas.

By installing meters at strategic locations across your site, we can help you to monitor energy usage in discrete areas or within individual parts of your operations. For example, you might want to monitor energy use in your canteen, in your office buildings or your manufacturing facilities, to find out more about when and where energy is being used.  Or, if you are a landlord, you may wish to install sub-meters to measure consumption by individual tenants, so you can bill them on their actual usage. ECOVA can design and install bespoke compliant metering systems, allowing you to monitor all utility usage across your site. We will develop a metering strategy that provides exactly the level of consumption detail you need, while complying fully with the Building Regulations and CIBSE TM39 Building Energy Metering guidelines for non-domestic buildings.


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