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Energy Data Management

For companies with diverse locations, the need to understand, control and improve efficiency in the varied and complicated energy market is critical to stay competitive. Ecova’s Energy Data Management Service meets the need for quality, comprehensive data acquisition and reporting, invoice audits identifying issues, and end-to-end issue resolution to capture possible savings and support compliance requirements.

Ecova’s fully managed energy data management solution features detailed data quality control with completeness checks, complete Meter Operator, Data Collector & Data Aggregator (MOP/DC/DA) management, compliance data collection and versatile reporting capabilities. Our solution provides a robust tool and platform which allows organisations to easily identify data errors,  areas for cost savings, improved energy efficiencies and access to essential carbon reporting data.

Ecova’s proprietary C3NTINEL® platform facilitates our energy data management service and supports our Analysts & Consultants when providing our Validation, Compliance and Reporting obligations to you.

The metering specialists at Ecova UK have the skills, experience and resources to provide complete metering services from the appointment of key industry service partners for the fiscal metering requirements through to the installation, maintenance and management solution for non-fiscal metering.

For the fiscal metering we source the most competitive and competent partners to provide our metering and data collection services. Once appointed we manage the data they provide though an internal data validation process back by a robust service level agreement for fault resolution.

If you need a utility connection to a new site, an upgrade or reconfiguration of your existing metering to optimise data collection, or the installation of advanced automated meter reading equipment, we also offer a fully managed and coordinated service – for all types of gas, electricity and water meter.

For the non-fiscal metering our specialist metering services team can also install, manage and maintain every type of utility meter for electricity, gas or water supplies, including: Fiscal meters, Heat meters, Oil meters, Gas and water data loggers.

This service dovetails with our advanced energy management systems to provide a seemless service from transfer of data to its management and analysis.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Unsurpassed industry expertise allows for streamlined management for your energy needs reliant on accurate and complete data, including procurement, auditing, carbon management, and benchmarking.
  • Comprehensive MOP/DC/DA management including new contracts and connections.
  • Flexible systems allow for customisable data reporting accounting for multiple units of measure and date formats.
  • Innovative system designed to be flexible for the nuances of utility invoicing


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