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The complexities associated with global energy markets create energy procurement, invoice management, energy efficiency and carbon management challenges for international organisations.

Language, data structure, units of measure, geography and currency variations are just a sampling of the variables global organisations must overcome. For many, the tools, resources and expertise required to gather, analyse and leverage market-specific data present a formidable barrier to the optimisation of utilities costs and consumption efficiency.

ENGIE Insight provides you with the solutions to control your global energy strategy in an easy and reliable way.

ENGIE Insight can support you in all countries worldwide with a stable economic environment, including 95% of the world‘s deregulated energy markets. The breadth of our solutions depends on country context.

A comprehensive energy management solution is key to successfully controlling energy budget and meeting your company‘s sustainability objectives.

As your trusted partner, ENGIE Insight links data and technology with people and expertise to optimise your energy activity and help implement long and short-term strategies.



Utility Invoice Data Management

Variances in bill frequency, format, language and detail make bill management across multiple countries difficult and costly. With the combination of cutting-edge technology, a proprietary data warehouse and unmatched industry expertise, ENGIE Insight’s Expense & Data Management offerings will help you aggregate your expense processing and analysis, bill and service management, and budget and accruals across the spectrum of complex payables for your entire enterprise, so you can reduce costs, improve on-time payments, and manage risk.


Benchmark & Data Analytics

Ongoing analysis of your business’s resource data is essential to an effective energy and sustainability management strategy. However, gathering reliable data that leads to actionable insights can prove challenging. ENGIE Insight’s Energy Analytics Tools enable companies to make data-driven decisions while accounting for resource-specific challenges like weather, unit price changes and efficiency projects. Built on the robust foundation of ENGIE Insight’s heavily-audited expense database, companies can trust that billing variances and one-time fees aren’t leading them astray.

ENGIE Insight’s energy analytics tools offer greater control and flexibility over viewing, organising and reporting on your facilities’ energy data. The ENGIE Insight Energy & Sustainability Management Platform aggregates, benchmarks and streamlines consumption and usage data for dynamic, on-demand analysis into the variables most important to you. Armed with the appropriate tools, your company can turn data into actionable steps toward achieving energy and sustainability goals.


Carbon Management & Sustainability Advisory

In today’s transparent economy, businesses face mounting pressure from investors, customers and regulators alike to minimize their use of resources such as energy, water, and waste. Yet the increasingly complex, volatile energy landscape makes the development and execution of a strategy challenging without the appropriate market insight and dedicated resources.

ENGIE Insight’s Energy & Sustainability Advising Services deliver the added resources and expertise to help you design, implement, optimise and measure sustainability efforts across energy, water, waste and carbon. No matter where your business is on its energy journey, ENGIE Insight will be your trusted advisor each step of the way—helping you reduce resource consumption, enhance your brand and mitigate risk.


Strategic Energy Sourcing

Strategically managing the supply of energy needed to run your business is both a challenge and an opportunity. A constant fluctuation of prices and offer availability makes buying the right energy products at the right time a daunting challenge. ENGIE Insight Energy Supply Management solutions provide you with in-depth market analytics and reporting to help you determine and implement the best strategies for energy resource and energy risk management, resulting in both lower expenses and better price certainty. You’ll have confidence that you are buying the right energy products at the right time and be assured you are at the right rate to meet your business’ needs.


Straight talking International Services

How can I manage my spend?

Outsource your energy, water, telecom and waste bill data management, reveals your high quality data, reduce risk and get the best possible rates.

How can I reduce my usage?

Leverage advanced analytics to understand energy consumption and identify ideal opportunities for focused efficiency projects.

How can I reduce my footprint?

Collaborate with our advising team to help you along your energy and sustainability journey, and support the management of your facilities.


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