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Managing a portfolio of commercial buildings is a complex process requiring sustained attention to detail to ensure that service contracts are appropriate, timely, and affordable.

When the management contract includes energy services then the complexity steps up several gears requiring Commercial Managing Agents to understand the complexities of energy markets, techniques for minimising energy prices through the management of flexible procurement contracts.  With environmental issues, Esos 2, CRC, and network Demand limitations becoming more prevalent then the skills of energy and environmental management need to be added to basket of capabilities required for client satisfaction.

Awareness of the requirements of building tenants and owners for operational efficiency, environmental conformance and cost savings leads the question of self or outsourced delivery. The challenge to answering this question lies in navigating the complexities of developing and implementing suitable processes and measuring and communicating exacting energy and environmental strategies across geographically dispersed portfolios.

For organisations who have decided to outsource their requirements in this area, Ecova has proven to be a natural harbour to moor energy and environmental delivery requirements.

Ecova have a proven history of working with Commercial Managing Agents with an expertise that has been honed over 20 years of working for the most demanding clients in the World.  With staff who have been trained to deal with all aspects of the energy sustainability and management industry to cater for your specific needs. Ecova’s team is easily accessible and a staff that already have a strong established relationship with energy and environment suppliers across the UK.

Working with Ecova’s dedicated Managing Agent team give access to the following skill sets:

Best in class procurement of energy and water supplies, utilising, as appropriate, flex, fixed or hybrid contracts.  Ecova understand the reluctance towards payment of security deposits and have established relationships with suppliers that allow these to be largely eliminated which, along with payment terms which are often extended beyond standard T terms, makes the decision to outsource and appoint the Ecova team a painless decision.

A fantastic contract is only valuable if the invoicing by the supplier is correct.  Years of experience has shown that suppliers make mistakes, and these are frequently significant.   Professional Commercial Managing Agents require accurate and regular billing and Ecova ensure this through a dedicated team that validates each bill received from the supplier.  Ecova validates more than 30 points in a standard invoice and provide alerts when data is incorrect and deal with the energy suppliers directly. To further improve efficiency the Ecova team have the skills to upload approved billing files to billing platforms which provides a potential cost saving to clients.

Once the bills that have been received, a monthly consumption report is generated for each site showing how the energy usage has varied and this data is then available for energy management and environmental reporting.

Ecova’s broad energy management expertise and proprietary cost and consumption data utilising Centinal – C3 makes it uniquely positioned to help commercial real estate firms navigate the complex world of sustainability, helping organizations reduce risk, increase landlord and tenant satisfaction, and drive intenal operational savings.

Today’s most efficient commercial real estate firms turn to Ecova for total energy and sustainability management to:

  • Deliver Value to Stakeholders – By reducing operating costs
  • Enhance Communities – Reduce Tenant Utility Costs, Enhance the brand value of commercial real manager, Increased Transparency to Tenants
  • Manage Risk – Ensures optimum procurement spend, reduces unforeseen costs, and ensures regulatory compliance
  • Establish Leadership in Sustainability


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