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Heritage, Leisure & Retail

Restaurant Sustainability Management

Ecova manages the utility cost, consumption and annual budget for one of  the most innovative Restaurant Groups that operates in the UK, Europe and USA markets.

Restaurants are extremely cost sensitive and can swiftly become loss making if strict budget guidelines are not followed, indeed failure to adhere to such guidelines is immediately felt in the bottom   line of Restaurant chains.

The  business’s restaurants are intensive energy and water consumers and have a fierce reputation to ensure that budget predictions are met or bettered.  This require a significant focus by Ecova personnel on annual budget setting, carried out with the client, strict adherence to utility risk management policies and relentless attention to theremote collction of utility data to ensure that consumption profiles and energy to footfall ratios are maintained or bettered.   Despite electricity costs that are forecast to rise 8 percent through 2025, the Ecova client has consistently achieved an average 12 percent year-over-year reduction in kWh cost per square metre.

The energy management and sustainability program architected and implemented by Ecova has helped the restaurant group to substantially  reduce costs, provided a  better understanding to the client of resource consumption and ensured engagement of the engage the right people to take action, and ensure we have a roadmap for future success.”

Hospitality Sustainability Management

Ecova manages energy cost and consumption for several hospitality facilities, from luxury hotels to hospitality suites embedded in hospital facilities. Hospitality is a resource-intensive industry and Ecova is assisting customers to access opportunities to improve the efficiency of electric, natural gas, and water consumption and significantly reduce those costs along the way. As utility rates continue to climb, Ecova is helping thousands of sites mitigate those costs by minimizing their impact on budgets


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