Ecova 2016 Corporate Responsibility ReportEcova understands that being a good corporate citizen is vital to the health of our business. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to corporate responsibility—deploying innovative strategies to better serve our employees, clients, communities and the environment.

Each year we set specific, measurable goals in each of those four areas of focus, then track our progress to report on the following spring. By holding ourselves accountable, we’re making a real difference in the world while making our company even stronger.

We invite you to read our 2016 report and learn more about last year’s results and the strategies positioning us to achieve our 2017 goals.

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“It’s important to our business that our vendors have a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Ecova has demonstrated its commitment to the environment through the services it provides. Ecova's Corporate Responsibility Report goes to the next step by illustrating its commitment to employees and communities, as well as its continued dedication to clients and the environment.”
-Eric Dominguez, Caesars Entertainment

Ecova Publishes 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

Martin Sieh shares how Ecova strives to integrate corporate responsibility into every aspect of our business.

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Architecting The Future of Energy & Sustainability

See how Ecova is building a future that will provide our clients with the data, insight and action to drive sustainable results.

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