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Utility Procurement – The UK Open Markets

In continuation of Ecova’s previous webinars covering beneficial strategies in the energy market, there is now a new market to discuss. In April of 2017, the water market opened up to businesses the opportunity to choose a supplier of their choice based on their utility spend and budget. Learn how to take advantage of this opportunity while water retails compete for your business.

You’re invited to join Ecova’s Sam Berry, Energy Trader and Wilson Pinto, Procurement Adviser, for an overview and discussion of these advantages and how you can benefit in a competing market.

In our upcoming webinar you’ll take away knowledge on procurement, including:

  • What strategy is right for your business?
  • Difference in procurement methodologies.
  • Where costs come from?
  • Water procurement opportunities available from the market opening.



This session will be followed by a live Q&A so be sure to bring your questions or submit them via twitter, using hashtag #ecovaukwebinar

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