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Utility Procurement – The UK Open Markets

In continuation of Ecova’s previous webinars covering beneficial strategies in the energy market, there is now a new market to discuss. In April of 2017, the water market opened up to...

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Tales from the Trading Desk | Behind UK Energy Markets

Markets, are by definition, influenced by a wide range of supply and demand factors, and the UK energy markets is no exception. With a volatile market, don’t get stuck in...

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Energy Budgeting

Making Energy Budgeting a Manageable Process to Help Keep Surprises Down Those responsible for energy budgeting often operate under common misconceptions that can undermine the development and tracking of a...

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The Energy Life Cycle

THE ENERGY LIFE CYCLE – AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ENERGY INDUSTRY Into our second half of the 2017 year, there’s a lot going on in the energy markets that is leading...

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