Ecova Today

Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions that increase the returns, reduce risks, and enhance the reputations of our customers by saving resources. With over 1,400 employees, Ecova is headquartered in Spokane, Wash. with regional offices in Seattle, Wash., St. Paul, Minn., Portland, Ore., Richardson, Tex., Atlanta, Boston and Kent, UK.

The past few years have brought positive change and growth to our company, taking us from a small utility expense management startup in 1995, known as WWP Energy Solutions, to Ecova, a global leader in energy and sustainability management today.

In 2015 Ecova made two critical acquisitions for future growth: Power Efficiency in the UK, and Retroficiency. Power Efficiency, founded in 1999, has a proven track record helping UK improve their energy efficiency, cut costs and shrink their carbon footprint. The firm brings to Ecova a suite of integrated services spanning procurement, compliance, strategy, implementation, operations and maintenance as well as some of the largest commercial property agents in the United Kingdom.

Retroficiency analyzes meter data and available building information to rapidly create energy models of buildings that accurately identify energy efficiency and demand savings opportunities – at an unmatched speed and scale. Since its launch in 2011, Retroficiency has analyzed more than three billion square feet of building space and its platform has demonstrated the ability to increase utility customer engagement by 4x relative to traditional utility sales and marketing efforts.

In 2014, Ecova was acquired by Cofely USA, a subsidiary of French multinational utility company ENGIE. With ENGIE as our parent company, Ecova continues to evolve to meet the needs of our growing client base, directly benefiting from Cofely’s industry leadership and global presence, while still operating as a standalone business.

In early 2012, Ecova acquired LPB Energy Management, a privately held energy management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. LPB―with 12 years of experience providing utility expense management and energy procurement for clients―grew Ecova’s client base to nearly 700 commercial companies with multiple sites.

By late 2011, Ecova had grown to more than 900 employees nationwide, offering a breadth of products, services and technologies. Before the end of 2011, Prenova became the first company acquired by Ecova, expanding our client base to more than 600, extending our reach into the education and government sectors, and building upon our engineering capabilities in building control and metering to provide our clients with energy efficiency expertise and recommendations at the building level.

In 2011, the Ecova we know today was formed from two companies – Advantage IQ and Ecos, headquartered in Portland. Advantage IQ had acquired Ecos in 2009 to help move Advantage IQ into the burgeoning sustainability market and more closely link it to utilities, helping customers reduce energy use, manage carbon emissions, and make their operations more environmentally and economically sustainable.

In 2010, Advantage IQ acquired Minneapolis-based The Loyalton Group, an energy management firm known for its energy procurement and price risk management solutions, adding to Advantage IQ’s valuable electric usage database of more than 25,000 MW of commercial and industrial load. The following month, Advantage IQ acquired Building Knowledge Networks, taking the next logical step to provide their customers with real-time connectivity to their building systems, empowering them with the data and analytics they need to make good business decisions that reduce costs while improving operations and reducing overall environmental impact.

In 2008, Advantage IQ acquired competitor Cadence Network, solidifying its position as the leading supplier of comprehensive cost management solutions for utility, telecom, lease and waste services.

In 1997, WWP Energy Solutions changed its name to Avista Advantage to strengthen its position in the highly competitive energy services market and began to broaden its scope. The company moved into the supply-side of the energy equation in 2000 with its Energy Supply Management service, applying market intelligence to help commercial and industrial clients purchase energy nationally. That same year, the company also added telecom capabilities to its expense management platform.

The next year, Avista Advantage began to expand its facilities offerings beyond the energy market, introducing its waste expense management service. In 2005, the company deepened its telecom consulting expertise with the addition of TelAssess, Inc.

In 1995, a small group of industrial and commercial account executives at Washington Water Power saw a tremendous opportunity to help the utility’s customers prepare for the impending deregulation of electric energy. What they found when they spoke with customers amazed them: While customers knew their annual energy expenditure, none of them could point to how much energy was actually consumed. With a grand vision to pioneer the utility expense management industry, WWP Energy Solutions—with 17 employees—was born in early November 1996.

To collect and analyze customers’ energy data, WWP Energy Solutions built a world-class, patented solution that converted energy bill data into actionable intelligence about each facility within the customer’s corporation. For the first time, customers could see and understand their overall energy consumption across their entire corporation. What’s more, the solution enabled customers to do this securely, over the web, which in 1996 was pretty revolutionary.