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Take Advantage of Market Projections

Market data analysis is what Ecova does. On a daily basis, our analytical teams are digesting and calculating the changing parameters of the energy marketplace to forecast what it may do next, ensuring our clients have an unrivalled view of future price trends.

We can offer our clients the benefit of market price projections, non-energy cost forecasts, the effect of asset maintenance and the impact analysis of weather events. We also monitor the ‘shape’ of forward price curves, allowing us to advise when to ‘front load’ or ‘back load’ and adjust your purchasing strategy accordingly.

We can also tap into the vast analytical resource of our parent company – this allows us to take advantage of global energy market trends which feed into local market rates, whilst remaining totally impartial.

Ecova can also offer projections of non-energy charges for relevant countries, likely to make up the majority of end users bills for many years to come.


How can I take advantage of market projections?

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