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Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Services

We can work with you to implement an energy performance contract that guarantees the projected savings to your bottom line.

We have a large team of engineers delivering:

  • Energy Audits & consultancy
  • Engineering Consultancy (systems assessments, feasibility studies)
  • Demand Response Studies
  • Project Design & Implementation
  • IPMVP Measurement & Verification Services
  • Wastewater Consultancy & Projects
  • Energy Management & Effluent Training
  • Embedded Energy Management

We do this by:

  • Identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures within your organisation we can generate guaranteed savings on your energy costs and help to reduce your carbon emissions.
  • ECOVA will commit to the value of the savings we can identify for your business
  • ECOVA’s fee will be subject to our savings identification performance
  • We will meet regularly with you to discuss the savings we have identified and how you may wish to implement them.
  • We will guarantee the savings and performance of any proposals implement by ECOVA.
The benefits of our partnership


We commit to identify energy, cost and carbon savings for your business.

The benefits of our partnership


ECOVA’s management fee will be subject to our energy savings identification performance.

The benefits of our partnership

Energy service consultancy

Benefit from the expertise of subject matter experts in energy efficiency, data management and facilities services.

The benefits of our partnership

Energy intelligence centre

Dedicated energy analysts using C3NTINEL, our proprietry online interactive tool, to monitor, manage, and control your energy consumption.

The benefits of our partnership

Transparent project costing

Full costed proposals with projected savings with no hidden caveats.

The benefits of our partnership

Project implementation

ECOVA guarantees the savings and performance of any project that we implement.

Our Process


  • ECOVA combines it’s knowledge of your business operations and your industry to form a view of your savings potential. 
  • We may need to visit your premises and hold a scoping meeting with you to gather data to support our analysis.
Our Process


  • Your specific savings identification targets are calculated to form your customised partnership solution. 
  • We will link this to the optimal supply product for you, based on your consumption patterns and risk profile.
  • We calculate cost to server to determine your Unit Rate. 
Our Process


  • We present our proposition for an energy partnership between your business and ECOVA.
  • We agree on the milestones in your customised partnership solution, the action plan to meet them, and the reward mechanism if we meet them.
  • We record our agreement into a Energy Performance Contract. 
Our Process


  • Steering committee formed between ECOVA and your business representatives.
  • We will mobilise a team of energy efficiency engineers across your portfolio to develop energy savings solutions. 
  • We will data mine utilising bespoke algorithms delivers through our proprietary energy intelligence portal, C3NTINEL®.
  • We will propose detailed, transparently costed energy efficiency projects. 
  • Monthly reports ensure that overall contract value is being delivered.


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