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Am I being billed correctly?

Utility bills are made up of a variety of different elements that can be extremely difficult to decipher, unless you know what you are looking for it is difficult to know if your bills are correct.

Although meter accuracy is fundamental to the utility billing process, there are various other factors that may significantly change the amount you are required to pay. Our invoice validation is a comprehensive end-to-end service that validates each itemised element on your invoice against agreed contract and tariff information.

Meter readings and AMRs

Estimated billing could mean that you end up paying too much or too little for the energy you have used. We advise all our customers to provide regular meter readings, this way, you are only paying for the energy you have consumed. This will also enable you to keep on top of budgets.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices can be installed, they automatically collect consumption, diagnostic and status data from your energy metering. The data is then fed back to the supplier for billing.

Complex tariff structures

Utility bills are made up of multiple tariffs. This is not only the raw energy costs but also all non-energy costs. Non-Energy costs include government mandated fees and levies, network charges, transportation costs, metering costs and management fees.

Other factors for consideration

– Has the amount of energy you are using changed recently? If you are using more, or less energy than usual this will affect your bill.

– If there is a fault with your energy meter it may not read correctly, this can affect your bill.

– Is the meter read on your bill correct? If your meter read has been recorded incorrectly this can significantly affect your bill as the calculations will not be correct.

– If you have an AMR device but are still being billed to estimated reads – This this could be an indication that there may be a fault with the device or that your device was not contactable for a period of time.


Are you being billed correctly?

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