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Ecova is an energy consultancy with a proven track record of helping clients improve their energy efficiency, cut costs, & manage their carbon footprint. Helping companies thrive in a world of energy & sustainability management.

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Ecova offers a suite of integrated services spanning procurement, compliance, data management, analytics and optimisation, to help clients use energy more effectively, sustainably and profitably.

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Ecova's Global services help multinational organisations leverage facility-level data to drive cost-saving actions, address energy procurement, management and consumption challenges.

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Regulatory Update: New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Commercial properties must comply with new EPC minimum energy efficiency standards by April 2018 in order to let to new tenants.

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Nominated for Most Trusted Consultancy & Best Customer Service

Ecova nominated and shortlisted for the Most Trusted Consultancy and Best Customer Service categories at the 2017 TELCA Awards

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As of April 2018 a new regulatory update will put companies and property investors at risk of penalty on excess capacity.

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Impact of Russian Crisis on UK Gas Supply

Prime Minister Theresa May has commented that she is looking to find sources of natural gas supply after Russian spy crisis on U.K. soil.

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